Beijing Dabao Cosmetics Co., Ltd.

Beijing Dabao Cosmetics Co., Ltd. was founded in 1999. Later, on July 30, 2008, Dabao was purchased by the Johnson & Johnson (China) Investment Co., Ltd. and since that time the company has fully owned the brand. As a member of Johnson & Johnson, Dabao adheres to its parent company’s tenets and aim of fulfilling its responsibilities towards society, clients, employees and shareholders.

In pursuit of new opportunities, the management of Dabao proposed and outlined the company’s new vision of developing the most advanced and popular skincare brand in China through offering best and most practical services to both customers and employees. In order to realize this vision, the company will continue to introduce leading products while offering industry leading services, and will do so by building a greater, faster, better and more economical management system while cultivating talent and instill them with the Johnson & Johnson philosophy and knowledge on China’s mass market.

Dabao continuously launches new products to satisfy consumer’s demand under the principle of “Worth your Money, Meet your Needs”. This principle has been upheld since 1985 when Daobao first introduced a series of Daobao cosmetics which satisfied various consumer demands. Later, in 1990, Beauty Day Cream, SOD Milk and SOD Protein Milk had been established as well known products all over China. More recently, and since 2009, Dabao has promoted new value-for-money products for consumers including SOD Moisturizing Cream, SOD Refreshing Moisturizing Lotion and Refreshing Cleanser.

Dabao has always focused on employee development. In 2009, Dabao released its Employee Behavior Standards as part of an overall goal to improve efficiency as well as increase employees’ understanding of company principles and ethics. The standards were formed by one core element: Take responsibility over a sense of urgency, change, collaboration and timeliness.

Dabao is committed to giving back to society. Since joining the Johnson & Johnson group of companies, Dabao has developed two public service goals: “To support vulnerable people” and “Always take environmental protection into account”. Since 2009, the company has made contributions back to society such as planting trees, helping assist in the rehabilitation of hearing-impaired children and much more.